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Dr. Goldberg created Facial Pain and Apnea Appliance Therapy with a clear objective in mind: to establish the premier center for the treatment of functional jaw issues in the nation.  Our patients have access to the most educated, committed, and compassionate team of professionals in the field, using the most current technology and techniques.  The practice is set up as a boutique environment where patients receive personalize, caring service promptly and conveniently.

Our team includes our licensed dental hygienist, New York State certified dental assistants, and a highly capable administrative team, in addition to our physical therapy and nutritionist partners on site.  Our first priority is to understand you as a patient, to make a proper diagnosis, and to work with you to determine the most complete and appropriate treatment plan.  Our administrative team is experienced in handling medical and dental insurance for our specialized services and work hard to ensure that our patients have access to the care they need.  We are also one of the few dental offices handling No Fault and Workers Comp cases.

We want your experience to be comfortable from the moment you choose to contact us.  Our greatest compliment is when you feel confident recommending us to a friend or family member.

About Dr. Goldberg

Jeffrey I. Goldberg DDS MS MBA

Board Certified Orofacial Pain Specialist

Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg lives in Williamsville, NY, with his wife Melissa and their two daughters. Originally from Rochester, he graduated from Cornell University in 1999, and from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 2003. Dr. Goldberg then completed a general practice residency at the Veterans’ Affairs Hospital in Baltimore, MD, where he received advanced training in dental implants, oral surgery, root canals, and treatment for medically complex individuals. After several years in practice, Dr. Goldberg returned to the dental school to complete a three-year residency and master’s degree in TMJ disorders and orofacial pain, and now serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor in this program. Read More

About Our Team

Dr. Jeffrey I. Goldberg
Dentist, Orofacial Pain Specialist
Dr. Kristy Frye
Head & Neck Physical Therapist
Noelle DeSantis
Registered Nutritionist & Dietitian
Dental Hygienist
Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant
Certified Dental Assistant
Office Adminstrator
Communications Coordinator
Student Intern


We understand that financial considerations are important to our patients, and we will work with you to ensure that they do not stand in the way of your treatment. Our focus is entirely on providing the best, most appropriate care to our patients. It has been our experience that local medical insurance companies have not been supportive of TMJ or sleep apnea dentistry and significantly limit our ability to provide top level care in a comprehensive, evidence-based manner. Therefore, we contract directly with very few insurance companies and will generally function as an out-of-network provider.

Our administrative team is very experienced in handling dental, medical, No Fault, and Workers Comp claims. Read More

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Office Tour

We have established our entire office to provide the best experience possible for those enduring symptoms of facial pain, TMJ disorders and sleep apnea and snoring. We offer a friendly, boutique atmosphere to help ease your nerves and make your time with us peaceful and relaxing. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to effectively diagnose and treat your discomfort.

Our office meets or exceeds OSHA standards for medical safety and is handicap accessible.

1. What is TMJ?

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder refers to pain or dysfunction at the jaw joints.  Common symptoms are headaches, especially at the temples, clicking or locking in the jaw, or pain that may be related to clenching or grinding the teeth.  TMJ is often associated with migraines, ringing in the ears, and other uncomfortable conditions of the head and face.  

2. How do you treat TMJ?

Dr. Goldberg is a specialist in conservative management of the TMJ joints, often using very specialized mouthguards and, where necessary, medication, injections (including Botox), exercises, biostimulation laser, and other techniques.  Our practice is non-invasive; we do not do surgery or change the teeth, but can refer to other specialists in the rare cases where that is needed.  Our goal is to reduce or eliminate pain and headaches and help the jaw to move in a smooth, stable manner.  Our technology allows us to evaluate jaw function in the most sophisticated manner available in this region.  

3. How do you treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Dr. Goldberg provides custom mouthguards that hold the jaw at night to open the airway and reduce snoring and sleep apnea events.  Treatment of sleep apnea is done in cooperation with the sleep doctor.  The mouthguards are medically approved and a comfortable, effective alternative to the CPAP machine.  We utilize the most advanced technology in this region to design our mouthguard appliances for greatest benefit.  

4. What does treatment cost?

Complete treatment for TMJ disorders or sleep apnea or snoring will vary depending on the conditions.  We spend considerable time speaking with each patient and developing a plan very specific to that patient’s situation.  Fees will typically include x-ray imaging, mouth guards, additional treatments like trigger point injections or laser therapy, follow up visits, and sophisticated computer jaw function testing.  

5. Does insurance pay for TMJ, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Our practice is able to bill both medical and dental insurance for our services – whichever is more likely to help the patient.  Many insurance companies will treat our services as “elective” and may not be as supportive as we would like, but our team is very experienced in making the most of insurance benefits.  We also work directly with No-Fault and Workers Comp insurance.