About Dr. Frye

Dr. Kristy Frye PT, DPT, OCS, CERT. SMT, ITPT, Cert. VRS   attended Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, where she received her undergraduate degree in health sciences and then went on to receive her masters and doctorate in physical therapy. She has attended numerous continuing education courses for temporomandibular/facial pain, spine, and extremity rehabilitation to further advance clinical skills.

Kristy has a special interest in the treatment of neck, head and face pain and has completed coursework specific to this area. She participated in educational opportunities with Steve Kraus, completed CRAFTA-1 Foundations: Craniomandibular, Assessment and Management and CRAFTA-2 Foundations: Craniofacial Assessment and Management.  Her area within our practice is the Head and Neck Center for Advanced Care Physical Therapy, a local organization with several locations around Buffalo.

Treating TMD and head and neck pain with physical therapy is a very effective method to relieve pain and discomfort. When you come to Advanced Care Physical Therapy for your physical therapy evaluation and treatment, you can expect your therapist to analyze your jaw mobility and release muscle tension in the head and neck region.  Dr. Frye has attended continuing education training by Steve Kraus and CRAFTA (Craniofacial Therapy Academy).  She will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your jaw joints, neck, thoracic spine and shoulder girdle to determine the structures causing TMJ symptoms.

Advanced Care Physical Therapy is dedicated to delivering a best-in class experience during every patient interaction, with a hands-on manual approach that includes non-surgical treatment to relieve pain, promote healing, increase function and prevent future injury.  They specialize in physical therapy services,  scoliosis care and working with athletes to improve performance both on and off the playing field.