Proper Nutrition for Pain, Headaches, and Better Sleep

In collaboration with Buffalo Nutrition and Dietetics, we have nutritional counseling in the practice to assist with weight loss, chronic pain, and other concerns. BUFFALO NUTRITION

About Noelle

Noelle DeSantis is a Registered Dietitian, with a passion for food, wellness, and research. She earned her B.S. in Nutrition from San Diego State University, while volunteering in the community, conducting research, and worked in a fine dining restaurant. These experiences led to her desire to provide evidence-based nutrition recommendations, which are not only tailored to each person’s bio-individuality, but personal preferences and physical limitations as well.

She completed the dietetic internship at the University at Buffalo and began her career as a private practice dietitian, while also working on a Masters Degree with a thesis. Her research involved diet manipulation and effects on various outcomes in people with Multiple Sclerosis compared to healthy controls. Her area of interest is neuronutrition and autoimmune nutrition, however she provides medical nutrition therapy for people managing a variety of diagnoses including sleep apnea, pain, headaches, weight loss and others. Read More

Pain & Headaches

Diet can a play a key role in managing pain and headaches. There are foods that are known common triggers, however, not everyone has the same trigger(s). A full nutrition assessment is helpful to identify triggers and come up with a plan to modify your diet pattern in order to reduce or prevent migraines. Some common triggers include: Caffeine, chocolate, tyramine-rich foods, nitrates, aspartame and others.

Weight Loss

Weight loss nutrition therapy includes a comprehensive nutrition assessment which takes into consideration unique needs based on past medical history, any co-morbidities, recent lab work as well as setting attainable goals. Weight loss can improve quality of life, many people see improvement in quality of sleep, insulin sensitivity, improved mobility and even decreased pain. Noelle can assess your resting metabolic rate using indirect calorimetry if you have been having difficulty losing weight and suspect a slowed metabolism.

Other Care

In addition to managing pain, headaches and weight, Noelle works with patients to help them manage blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, gastrointestinal symptoms, maximize vitamin and minerals, and promote cognitive health. Many patient’s that are taking medications to manage conditions find that the dose can be decreased or even discontinued all together after making dietary changes and sticking to them. This is important as many common medications have side effects and can interfere with nutrient status.