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Stress Might Be The Cause Of Your TMJ Symptoms

Do you feel that you experience high levels of stress in your daily life? There can be many aspects of our lives that can lead to stress. Anything from work to financial difficulty to family issues to a full schedule can all lead to added stress. Unfortunately, when we are under significant stress, the effects can come out in our bodies. It is not uncommon for people to experience weight gain, high blood pressure, and tense muscles. Many people also develop issues with the TMJ due to high stress. Read on to learn more about how stress can negatively impact your TMJ disorder and ways you can help.

Dangers Of Leaving TMJ Disorder Untreated

Our team at Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group is passionate about providing the care needed to help our patients overcome the discomforts of living with TMJ disorder. Unfortunately, TMJ disorder has many symptoms that mimic other medical conditions, often leaving patients without a proper diagnosis. For example, frequent headaches and facial discomfort are two common symptoms experienced with TMJ disorder. These two symptoms are also common to other conditions, such as sinus issues. When treatment doesn’t work and symptoms continue, it can be heartbreaking. Oftentimes, when patients reach out to our team, they are frustrated with their symptoms, the lack of answers, or the treatment recommendations for the problems they are experiencing.

Being Aware Of Your Habits

Everyone has good and bad habits. We have to hope that our good habits outweigh the bad and that our bad habits don’t cause damage or discomfort. Unfortunately, if you suffer from TMJ disorder, there are certain bad habits that can lead to a flare-up of symptoms. It can be hard to break bad habits, especially if they are things that you have been doing for many years, but to help your overall health, it is in your best interest to make some changes, even though they may be difficult. Read on to learn if these bad habits are affecting your TMJ.

Learn More About The Difference Of Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with sleep apnea or TMJ Disorder, and you are struggling to find treatment that best fits your needs? At Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group, we have a clear objective, which is to understand each patient, make a diagnosis, and work with each person to determine the most complete and appropriate plan to bring relief and eliminate discomfort.