Dangers Of Leaving TMJ Disorder Untreated

Our team at Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group is passionate about providing the care needed to help our patients overcome the discomforts of living with TMJ disorder. Unfortunately, TMJ disorder has many symptoms that mimic other medical conditions, often leaving patients without a proper diagnosis. For example, frequent headaches and facial discomfort are two common symptoms experienced with TMJ disorder. These two symptoms are also common to other conditions, such as sinus issues. When treatment doesn’t work and symptoms continue, it can be heartbreaking. Oftentimes, when patients reach out to our team, they are frustrated with their symptoms, the lack of answers, or the treatment recommendations for the problems they are experiencing.

Although TMJ disorder is not life threatening, untreated symptoms can significantly alter a patient’s quality of life. Patients may find themselves living in a constant state of pain or discomfort. It can be difficult to open your mouth to bite food and chew properly, which can lead to prematurely worn teeth, cracked teeth, frequent headaches, and issues with your quality of sleep. It is not uncommon for patients suffering from TMJ disorder to experience depression or anxiety because of their symptoms.

Follow Through With Treatments

We are happy to evaluate patients and provide them with a proper diagnosis as well as a treatment plan to monitor and hopefully eliminate their symptoms. Many of our patients experience a complete change in their quality of life once treatment is started and continued. Even when you start to notice relief, it is important to stick to your treatment plan. TMJ disorder can be a life-long condition for patients who routinely experience symptoms. Not following through with treatments can lead to unnecessary discomfort.

If you are a current patient and are experiencing a flare-up of your symptoms or want to review your treatment plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. If you are experiencing TMJ symptoms for the first time and have been referred to our office, we would love to meet with you. Be sure to contact our office located in Buffalo, NY to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!