Dr. Goldberg is a rare, amazing, patient doctor. He thoroughly listens to his patients and tackles the problem from a variety of angles. He thinks of possible solutions that others would fail to think of. He is not afraid to refer to you someone else if he thinks they may better solve the problem. He is kind and follows up weeks/months after to check on you. He is kind and goes out of his way to help you and genuinely cares about his patients — a trait that the medical community can lack sometimes.

His office staff is outstanding. They are kind, understanding, and very accommodating. I wish I could remember their names, but the newer receptionist (her first day was my first visit — she was shadowing my appt and must have thought I was crazy for the issue I’ve been dealing with) is absolutely amazing, and the black hygienist who always called me back when i was mid-making a coffee and insisted that I take my time, she is terrific as well.

If you’re looking for a doctor to solve your pain, and be like a dog with a bone, never stopping until you feel better even when others have abandoned you — Dr. Goldberg is your guy. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

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