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Why Do Patients Come To Atlas?

At Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group, our mission is to work cooperatively with our patients who suffer from TMJ and sleep apnea to gain control over their pain and poor sleep. Patients who experience symptoms related to TMJ and sleep apnea can find it difficult to live life to the fullest. This time of year is supposed to be joyful and exciting, and it can be difficult to experience those emotions when you aren’t feeling your best. Dr. Goldberg recently explained why he believes patients can benefit from coming to Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group. Click here to watch the short video.

Hear First-Hand How We Have Changed The Lives Of Our TMJ Patients

At Atlas Orofacial Pain & Apnea Group, we are passionate about helping improve the lives of our patients who suffer from TMJ and sleep apnea. We feel it is important for our current and future patients to hear first-hand from those who have received treatment and how it has benefited their lives. We had the honor of sitting with some of our current patients. Click here to watch a video about their thoughts and experiences.

Watch This Moving Video!

Our goal is to bring you care that can restore your quality of life. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea and have difficulty sleeping run the risk of experiencing severe complications with their overall health. We want to be sure that our patients feel they are receiving the life-changing care that we strive to offer. If you have just visited our office for the first time, have not been diligent with your treatment, or perhaps were sent this email by a loved one, we want to explain a little more about how we can help you.