The proper diagnosis of sleep apnea requires an overnight sleep study. This is done by a certified sleep physician either at their practice or at home in your own bed. During the sleep study, several body systems are monitored including breathing and blood oxygen to determine if you have sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, and the severity of the condition. Our practice works with several local sleep physicians to ensure a proper collaborative effort on your behalf.

Our practice may use our own take-home sleep study at times to see if a patient is likely to have sleep apnea, or to see how well treatment is working. Although we use a top of the line take-home system, we are not able to officially diagnose sleep apnea. If you or a family member simply wants to find out if you are likely to have sleep apnea before setting up an official study, ask us about our take-home unit.

Dr. Goldberg uses the pharyngometer and rhinometer to evaluate the airway while the jaw is held in various positions. This technology enables us to set the oral appliance in the optimal position at the outset. We are the only practice using this high-tech approach in Western New York.

Many patients snore but do not have sleep apnea. It is appropriate to have a sleep study to make sure that there is no apnea. Snoring alone is disruptive to good sleep for the patient and other members of the household, and we are happy to help stop snoring with our treatments.