Workers Comp

Automobile accidents can often produce facial pain and headaches, especially in cases involving whiplash or direct facial impact.  If you are experiencing pain in the jaw area or sides of the face, or your jaw is clicking or not moving properly, you should be seen by a TMJ specialist such as Dr. Goldberg.

Following an automobile accident, you may have injured or broken teeth as well.  In addition to our specialty care, our practice provides total dental care.  We can help repair or replace damaged teeth in addition to managing facial pain.  Very few dentists are familiar with No Fault insurance or willing to see patients; this is why so many attorneys and physicians in Rochester and Buffalo rely on Facial Pain and Apnea Appliance Therapy to help.

Our staff is very familiar with the No Fault system.  We will work directly with your attorney and claims adjuster to validate your coverage and ensure that you get the proper, comprehensive treatment you need.